Music Engagements

Taught by Erin Haley

Music Engagement classes are general parent/child music classes that use music to support child development, parent and child bonding, and engage the child in musical exploration and enjoyment.

There are no contracts or commitments–just come when you can!

Babies/Toddlers (0-36 months) Thursdays from 9:30-10 am

Tuition:  $10/session

*Children and Babies, please note that you must bring a parent/grandparent/guardian/friend/etc. to join in the musical fun!


Preschool Piano Program

Your child can learn to play piano! With the Pianimals program young children are taught one musical concept at a time, building step-by-step on what the child already knows. Program readiness can be determined if your child can number their fingers 1-2-3-4-5 and has the physical dexterity to play keyboard keys one at a time with each finger.   Pianimals begins with finger numbers and teaching the child where to place the fingers on the keyboard.  The format of this book allows the student to easily play many favorite songs, such as "Mary's Lamb", "Twinkle", and "Old MacDonald", enhancing their love for music and increasing self-confidence.  Pianimals is offered in both group and private instruction.

pianimals game.gif


Class size 2-4 students or private lessons

Children 4-5 years old

Call for availability 530-781-2224

Tuition: $65/month