Lily and the animals learn about D Major

          Lily and the animals learn about D Major

At The Wright Keys we offer both private and group piano classes.  Our four piano teachers use the most current and innovative materials to keep lessons engaging and relevant for every student.  Piano lessons are available for ages 4 and up at all levels.  Adult students may study privately or participate in our adult piano classes.  Our students have many opportunities to perform each year through recitals, community events, National Piano Guild Auditions and piano parties.  We are vendors for the CORE and South Sutter Charter School systems. Our piano teacher are Sandra Wright, Terrie Pincusoff, Ashley Zabala, Joshua Hegg, Max Crab and Addison DeSantis.

Explore classical, broadway and pop vocal styles with teacher Kristin Baugher.  Voice lessons are available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. 

$109.25/month for 30 minute weekly lessons.

To register for voice lessons email Kristin at kristin@North Valley


Flute lessons are available to children ages 5 years and older with younger children learning on “curved” flutes that fit their little hands.  Techniques used to teach are fun and innovative; using props and manipulatives to help children produce sound, develop their embochureand to keep a steady beat. Technique is based on learning both by ear and eventually reading music. Students begin listening to and learning songs early in the process to help build a love and feeling for music.

Don't see what you want listed above?  Contact us and we will try to create a program just for you.



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At The Wright Keys we offer both private and group lessons on guitar.  Private lessons are also available for bass and mandolin.

Private Guitar/Ukulele/Mandolin Lessons
Students can study many different styles of acoustic/electric guitar including blues, jazz, funk/R&B and acoustic singer/songwriter. 
Teachers:  Jeff Pershing, Chris Wenger and Danny Aragon

Violin lessons are available tochildren as young as 3.5 using the Suzuki method. With this method students learn by ear to begin with and then when they are at reading level in school or in the middle of Book 1, students will begin reading music. Our teachers feel strongly that memorization and sight reading are equally important. As students advance, they can use their easier memorized pieces to develop technique that is used in the more advanced pieces.

Percussion lessons are available for all levels and styles of percussion. This includes students starting out in their schools bands, those just learning drum set and more advanced students who have some percussion experience. Our percussion teacher, Phillip Drange teaches proper playing technique as well as the importance of knowing how to read and analyze music. Phillip’s goal is to get all of his students playing and enjoying music.


Monthly tuition for 30 minute weekly lessons begins at $107/month.  Tuition for 45 minute weekly lessons begins at $160/month depending on teacher and term (fall/spring/summer).  A la carte packages are available for students who will be with us for a short while or only want occasional lessons.