Broadway Theater Voice Classes

Beginning on October 1, Eva Martella will be offering vocal classes for Pre-K through 6th grade girls at 805B Elliott Road in Paradise. Sign up links below.

We sing, we dance, we laugh, we make new friends, and we have fun! Singing is more than just hitting the Wright notes and following steps; it empowers young girls to perform, gain confidence, and make friends! There is beauty and value in each and EVERY voice and when girls feel confident & empowered they make better decisions, look for the good in others and grow up to be powerful women & moms. These confident girls change the world one person, family & community at a time. It is inspiring to see a young girl, once afraid to leave her mother's side, get up in front of a large crowd and sing a solo with confidence!

Broadway Theater Group class:$55/month (4sessions)

PreK - 2nd grade girls: Mondays 4-5pm

3rd - 6th grade girls: Mondays 5-6pm

Multiple student discount rate: $50 per student