Piano Classes

Menehune Music, which means “Little elf” in Hawaiian, is a class piano program designed for the young beginner Age 6-7.  Students will learn to count simple rhythms including two-eighths notes, quarter, half, whole and dotted half notes.  Students sing and play out loud as a group from the first lesson like a piano orchestra, so playing with other musicians becomes second nature for these young students. The book includes original compositions, corresponding theory fun sheets and piano ensemble pieces. Music games are also an important part of the classroom learning experience.

  • Tuition:  $80/month, Materials $25
  • Our next Menehune class will begin September 7
  • Classes meet weekly on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm for 50 minutes

This course is designed for beginners ages 8-10.  This program by Mayron Cole, emphasizes a solid foundation in simple rhythms and the keys of the piano, then progresses to teaching staff notes. The book includes original compositions, and theory fun sheets which review and reinforce new musical concepts. Music games are also an important part of the class room learning experience. 

  • Tuition:  $80/month, Materials $25
  • Our next Level 1A class will begin September 6
  • Classes meet weekly on Tuesdays at 4:30 for 50 minutes