Voice Classes


Level 1 ages 1-4

Children are introduced to music through play.  This program aims to develop your child's musical skills through simple songs, movement, and listening.  These tools will create a foundation upon which future musical, social, and thinking skills are built.  *A parent or guardian is required to accompany students for this class.

  • Class meets on Mondays at 11-11:45 am
  • Tuition:  $65/month*

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Level 2 ages 5-7

Expanding on the lessons of Level 1, children will be introduced to beginning vocal technique.  through games, movement, listening, and some of their favorite songs, children will learn about breathing, registration, and phonation.  Some focus will be given to performance skills in order to build self confidence in solo-singing.  We will also start to explore note reading and sight singing!

  • Class begins in January
  • Tuition:  $65/month*

Level 3 ages 7-11

This advanced group will continue to learn sight singing and note reading, while being introduced to more diverse musical styles.  Proper vocal technique will be the foundation of this class.  We will also continue to build performance skills, including acting and interpretation.

  • Class meets on Mondays at 4:15-5:00 pm
  • Tuition:  $65/month*

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Reading for Singers ages 11 and up

For singers who have advanced to private studio lessons, but would like to improve their music reading, sight singing, and ear training.  Enrollment in lessons with a Wright Keys teachers is NOT a prerequisite.

  • Class meets on Mondays at 5:00-5:45 pm
  • Tuition:  $65/month*

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